The permanent residents of the farm include the Ladies (a mix of Buff Orpington and Sal-Link hens) and one Buff X Rooster.

Lucky and the "girls"



We have also raised organic meat birds (heritage turkeys and chickens), pigs, and cattle.

Past residents of the farm.


Baby chicks in the brooder.

meat birds

These movable pens are shifted to fresh pasture twice each day. The birds learn that when the pen starts to move they will soon have lots of bugs and grass to eat and so they rush to the end with the pulling rope to have the best chance to get the new stuff. Then they drop down in the grass to rest with the breeze blowing through. Their main diet consists of non-GMO and organic feed which costs about twice the price of regular feed. We feel it's worth the extra cost to know we are not eating Roundup and a myriad of other chemicals with our chicken dinner.

It's quite a different life for these chickens than for birds raised on hard floors in barns or cages. These pastured birds taste quite different than supermarket chickens and everyone who tastes them is surprised by how much better they taste. We raise fryers and roasters from 4 - 8 lbs.

Due to the high cost of organic feed, I regret to say that we will only be doing one batch of meat chickens this year, so will have a limited number for sale.