Bald Eagle or BOLD Eagle

I know that bald eagles are supposed to be endangered and so we have to protect them all but I must say that I have no sympathy for them.  Certainly they are eating well, because like the raccoons, they can’t keep their icky talons off of our chickens.  They have claimed the lives of many of our layers and our beloved rooster Shakespeare (who Lucky, the main rooster, tried to save by attacking the eagle).  I have a fear of birds, but an even more intense detestation of eagles, not the least because when they kill things it also brings giant turkey vultures and ravens around.  Bird city – not my thing.

Here’s the scene:  Yesterday morning I went outside to let the little chickens that live on our upper field out of their brooder so they could graze in their pen.  Just as they all rushed outside to enjoy the day, I had gone a few feet away to refill their waterers.  Just then I hear a huge commotion – the chickens are FREAKING out, and I turn around to see an enormous bald eagle landing in their pen!  Their is no roof or anything on this pen because there is an old satellite dish and many trees surrounding it, certainly too small for an eagle to land in.  Or so we thought.  All was not lost though because I proceeded to scream my head off in hopes that someone would come outside, and too try and scare the eagle away.  I was sure there was going to be a massacre in the pen…luckily enough I scared the eagle away after about a minute of screaming and he flew away with empty talons.  The chickens remained unscathed (but extremely scared).

The creepy bit is that this bold eagle clearly had been watching the activity of the little chickens and trying to gauge whether it could fit in and take off again (they need a lot of space to take flight) because it was in there within 2 minutes of me opening them up.

And no, I haven’t seen Hitchcock’s The Birds.

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