Summer Plenty

With August, summer finally arrived.  So did good yummy food.  We have been picking our heirloom tomatoes for 3 weeks now, and couldn’t be happier!  We are also enjoying our fingerling potatoes – we have cooked them on the barbecue, pan fried for hashbrowns, boiled for potato salad – they are truly versatile and delicious.

We have been going to the Nanaimo market on Wednesday’s for 3 weeks now and enjoying the sunny evenings there.   All in all, the hard work we put in all summer is really paying off.  I’m having a lot of fun experimenting with different tomato recipes (thyme creamed tomatoes.. yum) and have just made a chard drink to go with breakfast this morning.

Chard Green Smoothie

4 Chard leaves, roughly chopped
1 piece of fruit (banana, nectarine, berries – whatever you have handy)
1 cup of milk
2 spoonfuls Greek yogurt
1 tbs ground golden flax seeds

Put the chard and flax and milk in a blender and blend until smooth.
Add the fruit and remaining ingredients, blend until smooth.

You could add some honey or maple syrup if you wanted to make it sweeter, but we like it simple.  I made it especially because Ramona is battling a nasty summer cold, and this is packed with tonnes of goodies to keep you healthy.  Hope you try it out!

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