Rain, rain go away!

What to do with all this rain? First thought that comes to mind – order some ducks. It would be nice to see someone happy with the excess moisture on the farm. This past Sunday was brutal, to say the least. Every time we think we’ll be able to get the machinery on the lower field if we have just one more dry day, it rains. And did it ever come down – steadily for the whole day, starting in the wee hours. We had rented an excavator to do some big jobs around the property, which included expanding the ditches in the lower field. The excess rain gave us an opportunity to test those ditches, which we found lacking – good to know while we still had the excavator. After much walking, digging with the shovel, considering the flow of water in general and specifically the way our piece of land integrated with our neighbours, the guys set out to remedy the situation as much as it was possible to do so. Jeremy on the excavator, and Stephen acting as a shovel wielding consultant, spent the day (rain suited up) encouraging Mother Nature‘s bounty to keep flowing off our fields and into the system of ditches and streams in our small valley.
After a few more hours digging with the big boy toys, our gentle stream turned into a raging current, with tributaries that fed into other fast moving bodies of water, formerly considered ditches. It was awesome to see the water rushing off the fields and realize that we can contribute, albeit a small way to the change we need.
Ever optimistic, we again hope that after a few days of sun, we can get down there with our tractor and start tilling the soil in preparation for planting. We’ve got thousands of sweet onions ready to be moved into a new home, like two weeks ago! Not to mention the potatoes and hundreds of other plants already started in the small greenhouse.

Enough grumbling, I think I’ll go make a Margareta and pray to the sun gods.

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