Onions, sweet onions!

4500 sweet onions in the ground! With the help of our young neighbor down the road, Jessi and I got all the onions planted by the end of the holiday Monday. What a great relief! The soil was still a bit too moist to run the roto-tiller but we went for it, and I can’t say I’m sorry, in spite of the fact that we ended up with lots of little balls of wet earth mixed in. That said, we will wait before we do anymore roto-tilling. The potaotes, carrot and beet seed, and hundreds of squash and melon plants will have to wait for a little more cooperation from Mother Nature.

Adding to our feeling of accomplishment was the planting the 4 of us did in the big greenhouse. Most of our heirloom tomato seedlings are in the ground, nestled into our special organic happy potion, under landscape cloth and irrigated. What a beautiful sight! The excess tomato plants will go on sale at the Duncan Farmers market this weekend.

Baby steps but we are inching toward summer. Meanwhile, the brassicas, arugula, spinach and peas, all cool weather crops, aren’t complaining.

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