Finally, it’s really summer!

The solstice has come and gone and I must say we spent it well. After a good days work we enjoyed our evening with a delicious dinner, a game of bocce ball (Stephen and Ramona WHOOPED Jeremy and I 18 to 4…) and an evening bonfire with popcorn and hot chocolate. Jem and I moved some stuff down into coochifridos (our cabin/camper van) and have spent a couple nights with the fresh air and morning sunshine pouring in. We have also been able to keep a better eye on the chickens.

Fun fact: Raccoons like chickens. I like chickens. I do not like raccoons. Our meat birds, which will be available in a week, are guaranteed tasty, tested vigorously by our neighborhood raccoons. They couldn’t seem to keep their hands off of them, though we have foiled their recent attempts with maximum security and really bright flashlights.

In other news, we had the Chief of Food Security from the Ministry of Agriculture come and visit our farm at the beginning of the week. It was an interesting visit, particularly the round table discussion Stephen set up with several local farmers – and again reminded me how hard people work to put food they believe in on our community tables. I think small farms provide the epitome of food security, much better than a barcode does anyway. It’s strange because, while farmers obviously need to make a living, I don’t think food should be treated as a commodity because it is worth so much more than money. I really enjoy eating food, not only because it tastes good, but because it feels good to know where it comes and what has gone into it.

Speaking of tasting good, we have been attending to the berries which are being pollinated like crazy by our honey bees. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into some tayberries!!

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