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No wonder the raccoons couldn’t keep their creepy human-like hands off of our chickens: They are delicious!!! Just in case you didn’t get in on this batch, they will be more coming in just a few weeks.

In other news we got all of our pumpkins in the ground and it brought on some really good feelings. Not just because our lower field is *thisclose* to being planted, but because when I was little I used to help my grandpa Don grow pumpkins. Really big pumpkins. Planting out the pumpkins was similar to a feeling I got in the greenhouse the other day pruning the tomatoes. The smell of them reminded me intensely of my grandfather, who was known for singing to his tomatoes and tickling them with a feather. Though my grandpa and grandma are gone now, I think they would be really proud of what I’m doing here. It’s nice to remember.

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